After Apicoectomy

A small amount of bleeding is to be expected following the operation. If bleeding occurs, place a gauze pad directly over the bleeding area and apply pressure for 30 minutes. If bleeding occurs, avoid hot liquids, exercise, and elevate the head. If bleeding persists, call our office immediately.

Use ice packs (externally) on the same side of the face as the operated area. Apply ice for the first 36 hours only. Apply ice continuously while you are awake.

Do not lift or pull on lips this may cause tearing out of the sutures.

Some swelling and discoloration is normal and will gradually disappear.

For mild discomfort take Tylenol, two tablets every four to six hours, or Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin) 200mg, two to four tablets every four to six hours.

For severe pain, use the prescription given to you. If the pain does not begin to subside in two days, or increases after two days, please call the office. If an antibiotic has been prescribed, finish your prescription regardless of your symptoms.

Brush your teeth being extremely careful in the operated area. Mouthwash can be used.

Do not rinse your mouth for the first post-operative day, or while there is bleeding. After the first day, use a warm salt-water rinse every four hours and following meals to flush out particles of food and debris that may lodge in the operated area. (One teaspoon of salt in a glass of lukewarm water.).

Restrict your diet to liquids and soft foods that are comfortable for you to eat. As the wounds heal, you will be able to advance your diet.

If there is an elevated temperature, excessive bleeding, swelling or uncontrolled discomfort, please call our office at (310) 657-6363 as soon as possible.